dnp Supernova XL - FAQs

What is the biggest size you can make?



    The size limitation is currently 5334mm [210”] in width and 3048mm [120”] in height. Within these limitations we can make screens in any size and aspect ratio.

    What is the minimum Supernova XL you offer?

    We start offering Supernova XL when the screen height is higher than 1524mm [60”]. Below this height Supernova Core can be used.

    What is the difference to Supernova Core?

    The basic principle is the same – the screen material is tensioned with rubber rings through holes in the edges of the screen material and connected to studs in the frame. The difference is that because of the size of the screen Supernova XL comprises a double frame system and reinforcement bars on the back. The shipping box is bigger but the screen ships basically the same way, unassembled for installation on-site.

    What is the difference to Supernova Infinity?

    The main difference is that Supernova XL doesn’t have the rigid backboard and that the image area is one big roll of screen material opposite Supernova Infinity where the screen comprises multiple screen panels that are put together to make the image area. Secondly the Supernova XL doesn’t have a support structure to hang on the wall. Supernova XL is limited in size whereas Supernova Infinity is available in infinite size.

    We offer the Supernova XL frame in seven different colour configurations. The front frame is available in: ‘Black Sand’, ‘Black Velvet’, ‘Silver Alu’ and ‘White Sand’. For the ‘Black Sand’, ‘Silver Alu’ and ‘White Sand’ front frame options the side frame surface is identical to the front frame. For the ‘Black Velvet’ frame option the side frame options are: ‘Black Sand’, ‘Ruby Red’, ‘Titanium Blue’ and ‘Silver Alu’. See the product specification sheet for an overview of the colour configurations and see pictures on the Supernova XL product site.

    What are the frame options?

    The ‘Black Sand’ option is a deep black powder coating with very small sand particles for a good matte low reflection surface. The frame on the ‘Black Velvet’ option is covered with a nice soft black velvet tape for maximum light absorption.

    What is the difference between Black Sand and Black Velvet frame designs?

    The width of the Supernova XL frame varies with the color options. The ‘Black Sand’ and ‘Black Velvet’ frames are 84 mm [3.3”] wide whereas the ‘Silver Alu’ and ‘White Sand’ frames are 104 mm [4.1”] wide. The extra 20 mm [0.8”] on the silver and white frames is due to an additional inner black velvet masking frame to avoid reflection in case of projector overscanning.

    What are the frame dimensions?

    This is not possible. Supernova XL comes with Supernova 08-85 screen material only.


    Can I get the Supernova XL with Supernova 23-23 screen material?

    How many persons do we need to install the screen?

    You need two persons to assemble the screen. We recommend assistance from a third person when installing the bigger sizes of Supernova XL due to the weight of the screen.

    How much does the Supernova XL weigh?

    That, of course, depends on size. A 240” 16:9 screen weighs approximately 90 kg [200 lbs] as an example. As a rule of thumb you can estimate the weight of the smaller screens, below 180” diagonal, to image area multiplied by 7.5 kg/m2 [1.5 lb/ft2]. For the bigger screens you can use the factor of 6 kg/m2 [1.2 lbs/ft2] to estimate the total weight.


    Does it matter what way the overlap is installed?

    For normal installations, where you have the projector at the top of the screen, the best result is obtained by having the lower part of the foil overlapping the top part. This is indicated by a small “TOP” label on the front of the foil roll.

    Is the overlap 100% invisible?

    How visible the overlap is varies with the viewing distance/angle and image content. From certain distances/angles the overlapping zone appears to have a slightly different shade than the rest of the image area. The overlap is made so that it is as invisible as possible at normal viewing conditions, which is looking slightly upwards to the screen center and with the projector installed above the screen.

    Can I tilt the screen forward to improve the vertical viewing?

    This is not something we offer as a standard solution but please contact us for a custom solution. The screen material will sag slightly in the center, varying with screen height/width and tilting angle, but nothing that should affect the picture significantly.

    Can I hang the screen in wires from the ceiling?

    This is not something we offer as a standard solution but please contact us for a custom solution.

    Can I use the screen for rental and staging?

    We do not recommend the screen to be used for continuous up/down installations. The screen is designed to be installed once but can easily be disassembled and re-assembled a good number of times if you are careful. We do not recommend it to be used outdoors.

    How big a projector do you recommend for Supernova XL?

    This depends on screen size, ambient light environment and screen usage. A 220” 16:9 screen (16ft x 9ft) will normally work well with a 15K lumens projector but this has to be calculated specifically for every project.

    Is the screen locked to the wall for safety- and anti-theft precaution?

    As standard the bottom of the screen is attached to the wall with strong magnets. If you need further fixation please contact us for a custom solution.