dnp Supernova Flex Classic

Motorised optical screen, up to 120"

dnp Supernova Flex Classic is a retractable screen that offers superior optical performance in a classic, retractable design. 

This motorised optical screen is easily operated by remote control and is suspended with a dark grey drop above the image area, allowing the retractable screen to be rolled down, quickly and quietly, to the desired height.

The screen comes with a white housing, which can be mounted onto the wall or ceiling. It is easy to install and compatible with all standard projectors. 

With high-contrast filters that absorb ambient light and deliver exceptionally clear images even in brightly lit surroundings there is no need to darken the room.

This screen is ideal for bright meeting rooms, houses of worship, classrooms and home entertainment applications in living rooms.

CAD drawings are available on request.


  • Retractable optical dnp Supernova Screen
  • Wall or ceiling mounted with a dark grey drop
  • For environments with high ambient light
  • Best-in-class black-levels and perfect colour balance
  • High brightness uniformity
  • Noiseless retraction
  • Easy IR remote control operation + potential free contact closure (via RJ45 socket)
  • ISF-certified screen material
  • 4K compatible

Screen sizes: 

  • Up to 120” in 16:9
  • Up to 110" 16:10

Screen material:

  • Supernova 08:85 (ISF-certified) 

Drop (Max.):

  • 400mm (standard)


Screen, IR remote control, power cord without plug, wall mounts, product guide

Award-winning dnp Supernova optical front projection screens from dnp denmark are designed specifically for use in high ambient light.  With 7 times the contrast and double the image brightness of traditional front projection screens you get more vivid colours and crisp, detailed images, even in bright light and daylight, and, as you do not need such a powerful (expensive) projector as traditional front projection screens, they are much better value too.