dnp Supernova Short Throw Screens

Large, high contrast, cost-effective screens for compact spaces, up to 231"

Perfect for brightly lit environments where space is limited, a dnp Supernova Short Throw screen, paired with an ultra short throw projector, boosts contrast levels and image quality to give large, crisp, colour-rich images at a cost of around 50% less than an 80"-100" leading-brand LED/LCD screen.

Supernova ST screens are available in 3 options, each one incorporates specific lens technologies optimised for different viewing environments:

dnp Supernova STS

For standard viewing angles (audience are seated in front of the screen, quite close to the centre), with projector mounted below or above the screen

dnp Supernova STW

For wider seating arrangements (such as classrooms and auditoriums), with projector mounted below the screen

dnp Supernova STE

For seamless edge-blended images on a wide screen (where several projectors generate a seamless image on a wide screen



  • Unique front-Fresnel technology
  • Best-in-class performance with Ultra-Short-Throw projectors
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Cost-effective, lightweight, lower energy alternative to LCD flat panels
  • Full HD
  • Ready for interactive touch screen applications
  • Compatible with a wide range of UST projectors
  • 4k compatible

Supernova STS screen details:

  • 100” in 16:9
  • 92" 16:10
  • Fresnel lens technology

Supernova STW screen details:

  • 151", 164" and 181" in 32:10
  • 212" and 231" in 46:10
  • Black/white lenticular technology

Supernova STE screen details:

  • 100” in 16:9
  • 92" 16:10
  • Black/white lenticular technology


Screen, wall mounting accessories, installation manual

Award-winning dnp Supernova optical front projection screens from dnp denmark are designed specifically for use in high ambient light.  With 7 times the contrast and double the image brightness of traditional front projection screens you get more vivid colours and crisp, detailed images, even in bright light and daylight, and, as you do not need such a powerful (expensive) projector as traditional front projection screens, they are much better value too.