GestureTek Screen Xtreme®


True gesture-based immersive interactivity. In this version of the GestureTek interactive technology the camera faces the viewer and the viewer either controls or triggers the content. 

It uses real-time body tracking and face tracking to place a person’s dynamic digital image onto any video projection display, interactive advertising signage or interactive window.

Users manipulate dynamic interactive digital sign content and immersive interactive displays just by moving their hands and body.  They actually see themselves onscreen in an immersive environment as they control immersive advertising, games and interactive special effects.

GestureTek Screen Xtreme works with any flat panel display, projected image, LED wall or monitor up to virtually any size and can be used indoors or through windows.

The systems come with a library of games and effects most of which can be customised with your logo and content with great ease. Content can be a major expense and this library makes the system not only the best, but also the most cost-effective in practice.

GestureTek systems not only feature leading edge technology, they also provide the security of systems that will work reliably day in and day out over many years.