Multimedia Multi-touch Table

V-TABLE is a multimedia multi-touch table, that can be made to order with a choice of size, shape and colour to fit perfectly in any location including museums, galleries, reception areas, shops and restaurants.

With a professional LCD display panel and built-in ventilation, V-TABLE is designed specifically to work continuously in a table position.

V-TABLE is available in two options according to the touch technology utilised:

  • Standard
    This version utilises infrared multi-touch technology and is a great and cost effective solution for museums or other places with low traffic.  IR technology is reliable and durable.

  • Premium
    This version includes a Pro-Cap glass touch screen which makes your table flat and smooth. This means the surface of this touch table can be properly sealed to an IP65 rating against liquid spillages such as drinks therefore making it perfect for areas where users are likely to be consuming food and drinks whilst interacting with the table surface or other places with high traffic.

Optionally, we can equip your table with an appropriate PC, NFC module, webcam or other add-ons and our software development partners can create an inspirational multi-touch content.