dnp Cross Prism Screen

For near-seamless, bright and speckle-free cubes and display walls, 50"-80"

The dnp Cross Prism offers unsurpassed contrast, excellent viewing angles and allows design of near-seamless display walls with bright, speckle-free images.

The dnp Cross Prism Screen solves two quality issues in design of modern control room displays: intrusive seams and image speckle from single lens projectors. 

Made from an acrylic styrene copolymer material the screen is highly resistant to unstable projection environments. While acrylic based screens expand/retract with room humidity, the Cross Prism Screen retains its dimensions. This allows design of cubes and display walls with almost invisible seams. 

Moreover, the Cross Prism Screen incorporates technology that eliminates “speckle” – the small bright spots in the image which are a well-known problem with single lens engines. The result is a smooth and clean image – even at close view. 

The advanced lens design includes a Fresnel lens and two crossed prism lenticular structures with contrast enhancing dnp Black Stripe technology. As a result, the screen is extremely tolerant to ambient light. The front surface of the screen features a non glare, hard coat surface that protects the screen and avoids specular reflections from light sources such as windows and room lighting.


  • Unsurpassed contrast, high brightness levels
  • No speckle
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Low humidity expansion/contraction
  • Non-glare easy-clean surface
  • Multiple focal length options
  • 4K compatible

Screen sizes: 

  • 50", 60", 70" and 80" in 4:3
  • 50", 60"and 70" in 16:9


  • Screen, gloves, quality certificate
Unlike conventional, passive, diffusion screens, optical rear projection screens from dnp denmark are dynamic. The built-in lens system focuses projected light at right angles to the screen and distributes it across a wide viewing area.  This enhances the rear-projected image for optimum viewing, delivering sharp and crisp high-contrast images even where issues such as ambient light, reflections and difficult viewing angles are present.

dnp optical rear projection screens provide up to 4 times the brightness and clarity of a conventional large screen TV. They are the ultimate solution for displaying large screen images in brightly lit rooms or even outdoors.