dnp Ultra Contrast Screen

For high ambient light environments, easy to clean, 50"-80"

The Ultra Contrast Screen (UCS) is especially designed for environments with high levels of ambient light such as brightly lit control rooms, airports and window displays. The screen has exceptionally good centre-to-corner brightness uniformity and displays bright, sharp images over a broad viewing area.

Its smooth, matt, easy-to-clean surface makes it suitable for applications where the screen is likely to be touched, including Point of Sale applications in public places.

Available in a Standard version and a Rigid version, which is optimized for cube installations in control rooms. This version is reinforced with a thicker acrylic front element, which makes the screen more rigid and enhances the vertical light distribution.


  • Ultra high contrast and sharpness
  • Superb centre-to-corner brightness uniformity
  • Non-Glare surface
  • Extraordinary high brightness
  • Multiple options for focal length
  • Compatible with all standard projectors
  • 4K compatible

Screen sizes: 

  • 50", 60", 70" and 80" in 4:3
  • 50", 60" 70" and 80" in 16:9


  • Screen, gloves, quality certificate
Unlike conventional, passive, diffusion screens, optical rear projection screens from dnp denmark are dynamic. The built-in lens system focuses projected light at right angles to the screen and distributes it across a wide viewing area.  This enhances the rear-projected image for optimum viewing, delivering sharp and crisp high-contrast images even where issues such as ambient light, reflections and difficult viewing angles are present.
dnp optical rear projection screens provide up to 4 times the brightness and clarity of a conventional large screen TV. They are the ultimate solution for displaying large screen images in brightly lit rooms or even outdoors.