dnp Zenith Screen

For high-lumens projectors, up to 4m/150" wide

The dnp Zenith rear projection screen meets the challenge of today’s brighter projectors to deliver outstanding image quality even in ambient lighting.

Designed to complement modern, high-lumens projectors, the Zenith screen line represents the perfect match between gain, contrast and viewing angles, resulting in outstanding brightness uniformity.

The fully balanced image gives vital viewing comfort - key to this is the screen’s excellent contrast and uniformity, which has been achieved with a gain of 2.2, along with dark tint and a non-glare surface that minimises reflections.

The dnp Zenith Screen line is designed for the 100”-plus market; especially for TV studios, conference rooms, home entertainment and multiple screen installations, i.e. simulation or control rooms, where high-quality images are essential even in unfavourable lighting conditions.

Available in widths up to 4m/159” with heights corresponding to standard aspect ratios.


  • High contrast.
  • Excellent image uniformity
  • Gain of 2.2
  • Deep black level
  • Non-glare surface
  • ISF-certified screen material
  • 4K compatible

Screen sizes: 

  • Up to 4m/159" wide


Screen, gloves, quality certificate

Unlike conventional, passive, diffusion screens, optical rear projection screens from dnp denmark are dynamic. The built-in lens system focuses projected light at right angles to the screen and distributes it across a wide viewing area.  This enhances the rear-projected image for optimum viewing, delivering sharp and crisp high-contrast images even where issues such as ambient light, reflections and difficult viewing angles are present.
dnp optical rear projection screens provide up to 4 times the brightness and clarity of a conventional large screen TV. They are the ultimate solution for displaying large screen images in brightly lit rooms or even outdoors.