For the highest contrast ratios in the brightest of lighting conditions rear projection is the ultimate in image quality

Rear Projection will work under the brightest of lighting conditions and can deliver the highest contrast ratios specified under the ANSI/InfoComm PISCR quality standard (15:1, 50:1 and 80:1).   Scalable to any exact size, resolution and format, rear projection is always the best option for image quality, when only the best will do.

In a rear projection system, the projector is positioned behind the screen. A useful rule of thumb is that rear projection systems’ depth can be limited to equal the image height. This allows the screen technology to control the light path distributing bright, sharp images into a predefined viewing zone. A presenter can stand in front of the image without being blinded by the projector or casting shadows onto the presentation.  The screen is so much darker than a front projection screen and therefore reflects less ambient light, creating better black levels in the image and better contrast.  The technical equipment is hidden, for a clean and tidy finish.

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