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VDL Supernova TrueALR Meeting Room Screens and Displays

VDL Supernova TrueALR Meeting Room Screens and Displays

Unmatched Performance, Unrivalled Experience.

VDL Supernova TrueALR Meeting Room Screens and Displays

Explore the future of meeting rooms and MTR with VDL Supernova.

VDL Supernova (formerly dnp Supernova) sets the benchmark for ambient light-rejecting (ALR) projection. The matt black optical screen features micro lens surfaces to absorb ambient light and direct all projected light to viewers, for high-contrast, detailed, and colour-rich images, even in brightly lit conditions.

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VDL Supernova Product Range

VDL Supernova
TrueALR 100 & 200

Medium/large meeting rooms and MTR projection screens

Available in 16:9 & 16:10, and 21:9 formats, these screens are perfect for mid/large-sized meeting rooms and Teams Rooms. Fixed frame and electric drop-down / pop-up options are available.

VDL Supernova
TrueALR Digital Canvas 

Complete Displays

These complete displays offer the very best display option for meeting rooms. Available with VDL Supernova screen, Epson projector, and choice of mounting options.

VDL Supernova

Go Big!

The ultimate choice offering extra large meeting room and boardroom screens and displays up to 150", perfect for Microsoft Teams Front Row.

Do you need help selecting the right size of screen? Our team of experts is ready to help - we use AV standards calculators and parametric 3D CAD to ensure you get exactly the right size of screen for your requirements.

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