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About Us

Welcome to Visual Displays, your go-to partner for cutting-edge audio-visual solutions.

About Us

We specialise in creating exceptional projection display solutions for various environments, including corporate settings, education institutions, public spaces, houses of worship, control rooms, and immersive venues. What sets us apart is our expertise in solutions for brightly lit areas, ensuring impeccable images even in challenging lighting conditions.

We supply top-tier ambient light-rejecting optical projection technology blended with specialist consultancy, room design, and standards expertise. Whether you're seeking MTR solutions, displays for teaching and learning, conference displays, presentation systems, or an upgrade to your current audio-visual setup, we leverage our unparalleled displays and room design experience, 3d parametric CAD tools and intellectual property resources to deliver high-performing display solutions of any size and complexity.

What makes Visual Displays exceptional is our unwavering commitment to excellence. In addition to our screen distribution business, supplying the world’s best projection technology, we offer a service-based approach, serving as your behind-the-scenes partner, providing comprehensive support including impressive proposals and client demonstrations. Share your requirements, and we'll provide a no-commitment proposal tailored to your needs. Success breeds success, and with Visual Displays, you're not just investing in audio-visual solutions – you're ensuring client satisfaction and recommendation. Try us; it will be the best displays-related decision you ever make.

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We are the only trade-only screens and displays specialists with full CAD, technical expertise and specialist support consultancy. Book a call with one of our expert team and see how we can transform your next AV project.

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