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Visual Solutions | Application Requirements | UK


One size does not fit all. We respect the vastly varied range of application requirements as you can see from the extensive catalogue below. Each section contains case studies, invaluable advice, best practices and other invaluable links.

  • Training_dnp_SN_Infinity
  • Retail V+A
  • Reception_dnp_supernova_infinity
  • MeetingRoom_dnp_zenith
  • Leisure+Public space
  • Education_dnp_supernova_infinity_UEA
  • Immersive displays
  • Houses of Worship-dnp_SN_Flex_Classic
  • Home cinema
  • Digital Signage_dnp Supernova Infinity
  • Control Room_dnp_Black_Bead_CCRoom3
  • Broadcasting_dnp-cross-prism-tv
  • Boardrooms_dnp_SN_Infinity

These resources help you offer your clients the very best in breed according to their individual needs.