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Projection System for Lecture Theatres

Lecture theatres & teaching spaces

Supporting resellers to provide exceptional pedagogical AV-enhanced spaces is a particular specialism.

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We understand the challenge of delivering exceptional image quality, where budget is often hard-won, and this is something we solve on a daily basis. We offer projection screens that are often used in large scale lecture halls.

Why use projection? Find out here

Universities across the UK are installing multiple Visual Displays ALR (ambient light rejecting) screens, led by the dnp Supernova range The superior performance, size options, future-proof technology and budget-friendly pricing have identified these displays as the go-to choice for universities and colleges. 

Recent work in the application of the DISCAS image size and resolution standard has led to the understanding that installed image sizes are often significantly too small to deliver proper learning experiences to students in the back half of the room. We have powerful tools you can use to help campuses understand and specify what students really need.

What size should my display be? Use our quick-reference 3-Step Guide to Display Success to get started.


Although some projects are in shiny new buildings, many are refurbishments, refits - and troubleshooting poorly performing spaces.

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We create large, budget-friendly displays of exceptional quality for socially distanced teaching and learning environments.

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