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Projection screens solutions

Today’s cutting edge, powerful and futureproof projection technologies continue to drive demand for display solutions.

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Game changing innovations in laser projection means that most modern projectors offer 20,000 hours of high performance and maintenance free operation. Crucially, this means they can be installed and managed just like large format flat panel displays, but without some of their critical limitations.

You don’t look at the projector, you look at its image on the screen. Even in professional installations, it is a common mistake to overlook the importance of the projection surface. Any system is only as good as its weakest link. At the most basic level it is possible to project an image onto a plain white wall. But, as with basic off-the-shelf screens, no matter how powerful the projector is, when projecting onto a wall or low-quality screen, the image quality will be poor.   

Professional-grade screens made from specialist materials, such as dnp Supernova optical screens, are designed to reflect light evenly and without distortion, resulting in high-contrast, detailed images with accurate colour rendition, even in challenging lighting environments.

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Let us guide you to the right choice of projection screen from the many thousands of screen options to give your client the perfect display for presenting their unique content, and maximise the potential of their projector.

Using a projection screen as your display technology means you can use the DISCAS image size standard to give your client exactly the size they need. Projected images can be scaled to the exact size needed - and in any format or shape. Direct view LED (dvLED) displays’ resolutions are driven by the individual pixel size, meaning content usually has to be scaled - and this compromises the image’s resolution.

Unlike all other display technologies, projectors’ resolution remains perfect no matter what the image size. Presenters have the confidence that the image on their own screen is exactly the same on the main display screen.

Projected images can be specified to deliver the optimum image brightness (luminance) to avoid the asthenopia (eye strain) that can result from using dvLED screens, whose brightness is optimised for outdoor lighting applications.

Projection breaks into two categories: front projection and rear projection screens. Front projection describes where the projector is usually mounted on the ceiling, floor or back wall and shines at the front of the screen, which can be a fixed or electric drop-down screen. Rear projection systems position the projector behind a screen made from advanced translucent material and which show images on the front surface.

We offer many types of projection screen systems for applications including higher education, corporate, signage and home cinema and even some outdoor projector options.

Another particular advance is in so-called UST (ultra short throw) lenses. Professional installation grade projectors now have options where the projector is placed just above or just below the fixed or electric drop-down screen. These create incredibly compact installations with the projection lamp close to the screen, so even the closest viewers can’t cast shadows. Suitable UST projection screens are part of our comprehensive product ranges.

These many and varied applications need specific screen technologies and materials of widely varying properties.  

We are best known for our ALR (ambient light rejecting) screens, designed to be used in daylight and brightly lit environments. In particular, the pioneering dnp Supernova ALR technologies, which are also available in electric drop-down screens, fixed screens and seamless modular screens of up to any size.