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Large Format Displays | Flat Panel & Laser Projections | UK

Large Format Displays, Flat Panel Displays & Laser Projection Display packages

Large Format Displays are the professional solution for delivering a high resolution imagine onto walls. We provide professional-grade displays that are anti-glare and built to last – contact us today for more information on Large Format Displays. 

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This category is a hotbed of mistakes and false assumptions, hence the eight essential sections in our Visual Displays 8 Essentials in Specifying Screens and Displays Guide

Displays Continuum

From smaller sizes to massive stadium billboards, displays progress through an overlapping chain of technologies. At smaller sizes these are commodity items, known as a Flat Panel Display (FPD), but more correctly as ‘LED-backlit (Light Emitting Diode) LCD displays’. FPDs are an obvious choice for smaller spaces, not for spaces over 5m to 6m deep. It’s a depressingly common experience for viewers in the back half of rooms to being the second class citizens, stuck in the ‘cheap seats’ and unable to see images and content in sufficient detail. In the world of displays, the response to the ‘is it big enough?’ question is often a depressing ‘no’! LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) flat panel displays are commercially available to approx 98”, but above the 84” (1.86m x 1.05m) size range, the cost and technology advantages swing decisively to Laser Projected Display (LPD) packages. At this crossover point the Laser Display Packages are at least half the price and provide substantial technological and sustainability advantages.


Visual Displays Complete Laser Displays Packages

From 100” (2.21m x 1.25m) Visual Displays Complete Laser Display Packages provide the optimum image quality (conforming to AVIXA’s ISCR Standard) and at less than half the price of LCD displays.

Above 100”, the cost per square metre of Visual Displays Laser Displays packages is not only a fraction that of LCD panel displays, they’re also effectively the only options available until you arrive at the eye-watering price range of Direct View LED screens


Incorrect display choice can cause asthenopia (eye strain) in two main ways: font size too small, causing squinting; image brightness too high relative to other room surfaces, both causing stress for the eye’s accommodative and convergence mechanisms.

Take 30 seconds to search on Google Scholar to see the array of scientific papers on this alone. But we’re here to help you through the maze!

Avoiding image brightness eye strain (Asthenopia)
Image brightness must conform to the essential 3:1 Task Luminance Ratio metric. Displays are often too bright, causing eye-strain and fatigue, particularly in longer sessions, so this is a vital element to manage. See Visual Displays 8 Essentials in Specifying Screens and Displays Guide.

The two 'musts' for LCD Flat Panel Displays

LFD ICONS-Pro grade.jpg

Buy professional grade displays
You must use professional grade displays. Always, no exceptions. If you buy consumer it will cost you, not least in embarrassment when they fail!
LFD ICONS-glare.jpg

Only buy screens with anti-glare surfaces
Reflections from light fittings or sunshine cause ‘veiling glare’ and ‘disability glare’. Test thoroughly before making any purchase.

Yes, there’s more complexity beyond this, but get these two basics right - and adjust them properly when installing - and you won’t go wrong.

Getting image size right
ANSI/AVIXA’s DISCAS image size standard is essential for getting the size choice right. Use the simple calculator, or just ask us to run the numbers for you. Also, we have 3D CAD rendering models so you can show your clients viewing areas relative to screen size and position - a powerful graphical tool that can cut straight through hours of discussion. 

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