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We create exceptional display solutions for national framework AV suppliers and other leading AV and IT integrators for their Higher Education, Further Education and school clients.

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Our world-class displays are designed and specified according to user needs. Everything we do is standards-based to guarantee every display is the of right size and performance to meet specific user requirements in a given space. 

Optimal performance and value

With a deep understanding and many years’ experience of the requirements and challenges in the education sector, we can add great value to a project regardless of size and complexity, from refurbishment and upgrade programmes to full new-builds.

In education, now more than ever, it is vital to offer solutions that achieve maximum value, without compromising on performance.

We offer expertise and highly-skilled support at every stage of a project - from technical site survey and 3D CAD design to supply and installation - to get it right the first time and give your education clients an appropriate and impressive solution that is reliable, futureproof and cost-effective.

Get expert advice

We create large, budget-friendly displays of exceptional quality for socially distanced teaching and learning environments.


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Let us do the work

Simply give us a brief for a display of any size and complexity and we will create an outstanding, appropriate and best-value solution.  

We use globally recognised AV standards to determine the minimum size and image quality a display needs to be, eliminating guesswork and costly post-installation snagging.

We provide integrator partners with a full tender-support service with competitive pricing and technical excellence, backed up by verifiable metrics.

Solutions and Technology

Displays for education normally need to be 100” and above, to comply with the screen size requirements set out in the DISCAS image size standard.

What size should my display be? Use our quick-reference 3-Step Guide to Display Success to get started.


We supply large-scale, seamless HD and 4K/UHD* displays for collaboration, presentation and signage from 100” up to any size.

*NB - UHD is the version of 4K that's used in proAV because it's exactly 4 x HD (imagine a 2 x 2 array of HD images). 4k is a few pixels wider and is the modern cinema resolution.

Projection is almost always the optimal solution as it offers the necessary size and performance at a fraction of the cost per square metre of the alternative displays (which, over 100”, are videowalls and direct view LED displays).

Why use projection? Find out here

Projection is also the environmentally sustainable option, from materials and manufacture environmental impact, to low energy use throughout lifetime, to end-of-life recycling. See, for example, our market-leading partner Epson’s leadership here.

Laser projection, with 20,000 hours of high performance maintenance-free operation, means projected displays can be installed and managed just like large format displays, but without some of their critical limitations. For students to be able to see and engage with detailed information they need a minimum image contrast  of at least 15:1, according to the globally adopted ANSI/AVIXA PISCR and ISCR standards. In properly-lit teaching environments, there is no alternative to using a specialist ambient light rejecting (ALR) projection screen.

Finding the right screen for you

We supply screens from three of the world's best manufacturers - dnp denmark, Draper and Euroscreen, including electric drop-down, manual, fixed frame, frameless and seamless modular screens of up to any size. Our choice of screen surfaces includes specialist technologies such as ambient light-rejecting screens for brightly lit conditions. This gives us the best possible selection to ensure we have the right screen for your requirements.

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Find out more

We run regular webinars, open to all, on subjects including:

  • The 8 Essentials in Specifying Screens and Displays
  • Creating Excellent Teaching Spaces - Putting the Theory into Practice for HE / FE Environments
  • Understanding standards - practical guidance and useful tools for AV Integrators

Find out more

For more useful information on making the correct display choice visit our Tools & Resources section or view our helpful white papers and best practice documents.

Education Solutions

Refurbishment / upgrade existing rooms and systems

Survey, assess and design suitable alternative options, using latest standards and performance metrics. Using 3D CAD we can adapt spaces for social distancing, to redeploy or upgrade displays so every student can see and understand every image.

Reconfigure learning environments

We use parametric CAD systems to generate room layouts which accommodate social distancing seating layouts dynamically, and with additional layers to show viewing positions that conform to the ANSI/AVIXA DISCAS standard, plus its guidance on font size needed for viewers at the back.

Solutions for Flipped Classrooms and Flexible Learning Spaces

We understand the changed dynamics of these teaching disciplines and pedagogies to provide display solutions where communication can flow between teacher, student and groups of students, for increased student engagement, collaboration and learning.

Live Lab displays

Increasingly popular in healthcare, for example, we help you provide displays for such spaces, including sterile environments.

Lecture rooms

From intimate spaces to large rooms we use our expert knowledge of the AVIXA DISCAS and ISCR Standards to specify the optimum size, luminance and technology for the central display and repeater screens.

Auditoriums and large lecture rooms

Our large screen display solutions using dnp Supernova ALR (ambient light-rejecting) technology provide leading edge solutions on campuses throughout the UK. We help resellers provide large, multi-use spaces with real wow-factor, to be used for everything from teaching to open days to graduations and external revenue-generating conferences and events.