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Digital Displays for Leisure Centre | Large Screen Display Solutions | UK

Leisure & public spaces

Whether it’s museums, theme parks, galleries, leisure centres, we have large and extra-large screen display solutions to showcase all types of content from detailed images to HD video.

  • Leisure - Museum - Leisure & Public Spaces
  • Leisure+Public space
  • Digital SIgn 9 - Larnaca Airport
  • Digital Sign + Retail + Leisure Hilfiger
  • Digital Sign + Retail + Leisure Hamleys
  • Digital Sign + Retail + Leisure Barbie 4
  • Digital sign + Public space - Tube
  • Digital SIgn 7 - dnp SN - Manc Airport
  • Digital SIgn 5
  • Digital SIgn 3 - V+A
  • Digital Sign + Retail + Leisure Barbie 3
  • Digital SIgn 2 - V+A
  • Immersive - Nurbus - four screen large Cave simulator screens
  • Leisure_dnp_supernova_infinity_kingscross_184a4819
  • Leisure - dnp0502a2
  • Leisure - dsc08965_dxo
  • Leisure - dsc08968_dxo
  • Immersive - Simulation_Tussauds - 5 channel Cave simulator -3D iso CAD
  • Leisure -_VDL-Visual-Displays_GestureTek_ScreenXtreme_Health_St Josephs_Just For Kids-20 (1)
  • Leisure & PS_GestureTek_GFX_cingular_edit
  • Leisure & PS_VDL-Visual-Displays_GestureTek_CUBE_5D3_1253
  • Leisure_dnp_supernova_infinity_kingscross_184a4774

We use the latest laser projection technology to create exceptional displays of all shapes and sizes, for attention-grabbing, high-performance results. Projection allows us to combat various challenges that can arise in public spaces, including:

  • We can create displays of up to any size whilst always maintaining perfect image resolution, for a fantastic viewing experience

  • With the latest ambient light rejecting (ALR) screen technology, image quality remains high and colour-rich, even in areas where there is bright lighting and daylight

  • Ultra short throw (UST) projection means we can create incredibly compact installations where even the closest viewers do not cast shadows on the screen

Our smaller transparent screens are ideal for highlighting particular pieces and interactive wall/floor/table displays. An immersive display can be an effective piece of marketing for high-end pieces in galleries and museums. 

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Immersive Displays and Simulations can be utilised in a wide range of leisure industry applications - see more here

Finding the right screen for you

We supply screens from three of the world's best manufacturers - dnp denmark, Draper and Euroscreen - giving us the best possible choice to ensure you find the right screen for your space.

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We create impactful displays for museums, galleries, theme parks and more. Talk to us to find the best solution for your next project.

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For screen sizes 130" and above, see our CLD XL range…