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Control rooms, security monitoring & CCTV

Monitoring & Surveillance Screens

Monitoring and surveillance require superb imaging for operatives to perform well. A video wall is a great option for video monitoring as it lets you see multiple feeds on one large display.

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We supply displays of all types and sizes to suit the strict requirements of Control Rooms, from single screens to multiple screens for networked estates. We use the latest projection technology to create large and extra-large displays that are optimised for comfortable viewing and easily readable content from everywhere in the room.

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Professional-grade screens reflect light evenly and without distortion, resulting in detailed images with accurate colour rendition, ideal for security monitoring and control rooms.

Finding the right screen for you

We supply screens from three of the world's best manufacturers - dnp denmark, Draper and Euroscreen - giving us the best possible choice to ensure you find the right screen for your space.

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We design and supply displays for Control Rooms and Security Monitoring of exceptional quality, performance and reliability. Talk to one of our experts to discuss your next project.

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VDL Digital Canvas

Our new VDL Digital Canvas large-format all-in-one solution displays multiple images on a single large screen displays from 120” to any size. These optical laser projection displays are effectively video walls, with exemplary performance and at a fraction of the cost of large flat panel display and direct view LED alternatives.

Use our extensive experience coupled with our Visual Displays 8 Essentials in Specifying Screens and Displays Guide to deliver systems that exceed your clients’ expectations. Use our demonstration equipment to set expectation levels. A picture says a thousand words, so spare yourself the effort and let our team help you win the business with our knockout demonstrations.