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Parametric 3D CAD Design

A large proportion of our skills, experience and IP is represented by our advanced design skills.

  • Immersive - cave2
  • Immersive - Bienetec3
  • Immersive - Cyprus Cave showcase 2
  • Immersive - Cyprus Cave showcase
  • Immersive - ID&S_dome
  • Immersive - ID&S_Dome4
  • Immersive - Nurbus - four screen large Cave simulator screens
  • Immersive - Bienetec
  • Immersive - ID&S_Dome2
  • Immersive - Simulation_Tussauds - 5 channel Cave simulator -3D iso CAD
  • Immersive - ship1
  • Immersive displays
We use parametric 3D CAD models to create: 
  • Projected displays, projection systems, multi-projector systems.

  • Large screen displays, video walls, direct view LED screens.

  • Immersive displays: domes, rooms, curved screens, caves - front and rear projection.

  • Complex mechanical structures and mountings.

  • Interactive displays and systems.

Many projects we design use previously used elements, or elements we can versionise to create bespoke designs more easily. Our advanced CAD stations use parametric systems whereby critical dimensions can be changed and entire designs can be altered at the press of a button, saving time, money and facilitating iterative design improvements.

These services are used and included in most of the products and items we produce and are offered as a standalone service.

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