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Houses of worship

Modern houses of worship are turning to leading-edge display technologies to convey their message to socially-distanced congregations.

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With the right technology and creative positioning, the entire congregation is able to read words and view content so that everyone can feel connected and involved, even when spread out to the farthest corners of the space and in overflow or breakout rooms.

In this specialist area, it is vital that displays are large enough to meet the congregation’s needs and create an inclusive experience.

What size should my display be? Use our quick-reference 3-Step Guide to Display Success to get started.


With the latest advances in laser projection, you can create displays for Houses of Worship up to any size and with perfect resolution.  We use ambient light rejecting (ALR) screen technology to ensure image quality remains high and colour-rich, even in areas where there is bright lighting and daylight. We can create incredibly compact installations where even the closest viewers do not cast shadows on the screen, using ultra-short throw projection.

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Finding the right screen for you

We supply a wide range of screens from the world's leading manufacturers, including electric drop-down, manual, fixed frame, frameless and seamless modular screens of up to any size, to enable you to create exemplary displays whatever the challenges and limitations of the space.

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