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Training Room Lighting | Digital Content Lighting | UK

Training Room Lighting

The value in these environments derives from every occupant having an equally good view of a correctly sized image.

  • Auditoria + Education
  • Training_dnp_SN_Infinity

Such spaces are often quite industrial in their design, being modern day digital factory floors where the deliverable is trained people. It is important to ensure everyone, including those at the back, has the same experience, by ensuring they can fully engage with the content on the large format display (LFD).

The lighting in these spaces is often quite harsh and industrial too. This can create so-called ‘veiling glare’ or ‘disability glare’ on standard flat panel displays. When projection is used (for sizes from 90” and above) it’s therefore essential to use ambient light rejecting (ALR) projection screens.

Our Visual Displays 8 Essentials in Specifying Screens and Displays Guide is a foolproof step by step process to ensure you offer the client the ideal image size, viewing angles, resolution, contrast (image quality), brightness.