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An education in screen quality at Robinson College

Where do you start when recommending a screen for a building that emphasises natural light, and demands very high image quality?

An education in screen quality at Robinson College

Snelling Business Systems faced that challenge when they won an AV tender at Robinson College, UK, with an effective and economical solution based on dnp’s Supernova Infinity Screen

Our brief

The AV brief required the quality and brightness of the projected images to be clear and legible from all seating positions around the room, within the normal operational range of the installed lighting system.

Project Facts


Snelling Business Systems, UK


Robinson College, part of the University of Cambridge, UK


dnp Supernova Infinity Screen, 227” 16:10


Digital Projection HIGHLite Laser 12k projector

Our solution

Several screen types, along with higher brightness projectors, were considered before the final package was decided. “We recommended a dnp Supernova Infinity Screen (227”, 16:10) with a Digital Projection HIGHLite Laser 12k projector,” comments Steve Royans, Business Development Director at Snelling. “And not only for the ‘wow’ factor everyone wanted. Crucially, our solution delivered the best value, too.”

Reviewing the project, Visual Displays director Greg Jeffreys, said “The unsurpassed quality of Supernova optical screen technology, together with the infinite size option of the comparatively lightweight and cost-effective Supernova Infinity Screen, delivers on all levels.”

Another aspect of the brief was for seamless integration with the building’s fabric. “We achieved this by recessing the dnp front-projection screen into the presentation wall,” continues Steve. “And we created a projection room, which meant only the projection port was visible within the facility.” Robinson College now has a conference facility with a quality AV system that matches its aspirations in every way.

Posted: 13th December 2019

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