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Reception Desk Screens | Flat Panel Displays for Communal Areas | UK

Reception & communal areas

Sometimes that little flat panel display on the wall showing Sky News and an RSS ticker tape feed is good enough. But not often.

  • Reception - playground_dsc_0006-1
  • Reception - playground_dsc_0012-1
  • Reception - img_2164
  • Reception - img_2152
  • Reception - img_2149
  • Reception - Corporate_dnp_supernova_infinity_stryker_2
  • Reception - Corporate_dnp_supernova_infinity_stryker_1
  • Reception - Corporate_dnp_supernova_flexclassic_meritec_iotm_08_2017_3
  • Reception - Corporate_dnp_supernova_flexclassic_meritec_iotm_08_2017_2
  • Reception - 180320_132856_
  • Reception - Corporate_dnp_supernova_flexclassic_meritec_iotm_08_2017_1
  • Reception_dnp_supernova_infinity
  • Digital Signage_dnp Supernova Infinity

Your client might want these front of house spaces to showcase their unique qualities and create a fantastic first impression - and not be one of the pack.

This is your big chance to really make a difference in what you offer. Displays need to be impactful and to be powerful information disseminators for your clients. But you can also think outside the box, with floor, wall and ceiling projection, interactive displays, radical video wall shapes and sizes.

Our design team has years of large screen experience and the technological displays knowledge to help you make a difference.