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Screens for Reception & Communal Areas

Increasingly, companies want these front of house spaces to showcase their unique qualities and create a fantastic first impression, in which case you are going to need something bigger and better than a flat panel display on the wall showing Sky News and an RSS ticker-tape feed.

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  • Reception - Corporate_dnp_supernova_flexclassic_meritec_iotm_08_2017_1
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This is a significant opportunity to make a difference in what you offer. Displays need to be impactful and to be powerful information disseminators for your clients. You can think outside the box, with floor, wall and ceiling projection, interactive displays and radical video wall shapes and sizes.

We use the latest projection technology to create impactful displays for reception and communal spaces. 

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Professional-grade screens made from specialist materials are designed to reflect light evenly and without distortion, resulting in high-contrast, detailed images with accurate colour rendition, to give your client the perfect display for presenting their unique content, and maximise the potential and value of their projector.

Finding the right screen for you

We supply screens from three of the world's best manufacturers - dnp denmark, Draper and Euroscreen - giving us the best possible choice to ensure you find the right screen for your space.

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Our design team has years of large screen experience and the technological knowledge to help you make a difference.

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We design and supply exceptional displays for Reception and Communal areas. Talk to one of our experts to discuss your next project.

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Whilst an ambient light rejecting screen will give you the optimum results with a projected image, the video below shows how we can also project content on to other surfaces - in this case, a hessian material wall in the reception area at the London office of a leading international law firm.