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Complete Laser Display XL bundles for Business from 130"

Complete Laser Display XL bundles for Business from 130"

Simply the best large-screen display solutions for Business.

Complete Laser Display XL bundles for Business from 130

Display solutions from 130" up to any size.

Unbeatable performance and value from a single meeting room screen to multiple, networked displays throughout an estate, digital signage and large conference room screens of any size. This versatile range of all-in-one displays guarantees the best large-screen viewing, collaboration and presentation experience, even in brightly lit rooms.

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We create large displays for Business of exceptional quality and value. 

Let us advise you on the best display for your requirements, and find out how to get the best out of your existing displays. 


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For more details and specifications, please download our CLD XL for Business brochure below


What's included?

The Complete Laser Display XL is a versatile solution that includes everything you need to create an exceptional extra-large screen viewing experience. As your expert displays partner, we work with you to fully understand your requirements and guide you to exactly the right solution.


Choose your preferred dnp Supernova ambient light rejecting (ALR) optical screen. These true ALR screens provide up to 7x the image contrast of conventional projection screens, offering outstanding image quality, even in brightly lit spaces which makes them the ideal choice for meeting rooms, conference rooms and signage. The range includes framed, frameless and electric drop-down screens. View our ALR screen selector.

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Why use ALR screens?
Using ambient light rejecting screen technology (ALR) is absolutely essential to achieve the best result. Read more here.
Find out more about dnp Supernova ALR technology  dnp_logo


Epson high brightness 3LCD laser projector with built-in management software that allows you to remotely monitor and maintain the largest display estates, including receiving automatic email alerts. With their iProjection software, you can add interactivity and collaboration. Plus, a 5-year warranty for complete peace of mind.


Complete Epson mounting solution (for UST or standard lens projector).

Optional extras include:

Installation CAD drawings, site survey, installation, furniture and bespoke framework.

Each Complete Laser Display XL bundle includes:
  • Epson laser projector (with 5 year warranty)  

  • dnp Supernova ALR (ambient light rejecting) screen

  • Complete mounting solution

Available in UST (ultra short throw) or standard lens bundles
  • UST solution - projector is mounted just above or below the screen
  • Standard lens solution - projector is fitted on supplied ceiling mount

Bigger, cheaper, better…

For Business displays of this size, projection is the only way to get high quality, seamless images. Our Complete Laser Display XL range is the perfect solution for extra- large-screen video conferencing, presentation and digital signage. 

Unlike the costly and complicated alternative of, for example, a 4x4 array of FPD monitors, CLD XL delivers exceptional true 4K image quality, with no loss of pixels.

In addition, CLD XL scales to any size, always maintaining resolution, for optimum image quality and sharpness, you can choose the right size display for your needs, up to any size, whereas LED screen size is restricted to its resolution multiplied by pixel size, for example, 130” dvLED display size is fixed by its 1.5mm pixel size.  

CLD XL bundles are large, single-screen displays of exceptional quality, that carry clearly readable content, images and video to the farthest corners of every room and are guaranteed to meet the requirements set out in AVIXA’s global AV standards for image size (DISCAS) and image quality (PISCR / ISCR).

Complete Laser Display XL - unbeatable value displays at all sizes with no compromise on performance.  

Why pay more when you can get an extra-large display, guaranteed to meet the image size and quality requirements of global AV standards, with premium ALR laser technology, for a fraction of the cost of the same size LED screen? 

In fact the bigger you go, the more dramatic the cost differences are - and the CLD XL has both better image quality and is optimised for Business use.

From planning through installation, running, right through to their green end-of-life disposal, CLD XL gives you the best and lowest-cost options. Installation is quick and easy, only needing standard walls and no additional structure. The 130” display typically consumes 14% the power of its dvLED equivalent. At end of life, they are recycled instead of creating tens of kilos of toxic landfill.

This is not your average projected display. Complete Laser Display XL features a powerful combination of laser projection with ambient light rejecting optical screen technology, to eliminate the problem of washed-out images even in brightly lit conditions, and exceed AVIXA’s ISCR and PISCR image contrast standard - the gold standard for image quality.

Optimised for comfortable viewing, viewers can sit closer to the screen than with LED displays and the non-reflective screen means no ‘cheap seats’ created by distracting reflections from lighting and daylight (as with FPD/LED).

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