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Introducing the new Visual Displays Digital Canvas

Introducing the new Visual Displays Digital Canvas

Introducing the new Visual Displays Digital Canvas

Redefining the Visual Experience

The very best in State-of-the-Art display technology

The new reality of hybrid meeting and teaching is multiple content on multiple windows - on the same screen, at the same time, driving the  need for dramatically larger screen sizes. Every viewer in the room must be able to see every detail. No more cheap seats. 

With a 44% bigger screen than the largest flat panel display (FPD), the 120” VDL Digital Canvas overcomes the size limitations of traditional FPDs, and offers incredible, high-contrast image quality even in brightly lit spaces.

A game-changing display at a significantly lower cost per square metre than the ageing flat panel and LED technologies.

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And that’s not all:


Bigger and Better

  • The VDL Digital Canvas 120” display has almost 50% larger surface area than the largest flat panels of 98”

Exceptional Image Quality

  • Crystal-clear images, accurate colour rendition, and razor-sharp details 

21:9 Front Row and 16:9 Standard Aspect Ratio - The All-in-One Display

  • Both options in a single unit - switch between 16:9 at 120” and 21:9 113” at the touch of a button 

Standards Compliant

  • Designed using AVIXA’s image size and quality standards (co-written by our founder), plus the WELL V2 standard referencing eye strain (asthenopia)

Enhanced Viewer Comfort - No Eye Strain

  • Optimised for extended viewing times - avoiding the excessive brightness of dvLED
  • Totally matt surface prevents distracting reflections 
  • Makes remote participants look more lifelike

User safety - No Blue Light

  • Global concerns about the eye health impact of blue light from emissive displays are 100% eliminated with this display technology


Plug & Play

  • Complete turnkey packages with VC camera and soundbar - ready to go

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact

  • Low power consumption and heat output - minimal running costs
  • Lowest carbon footprint in manufacture, installation, running costs and final disposal. Minimised toxic construction materials. 

Cost-Effective Excellence

  • Significantly lower cost per square metre than the ageing flat panel and LED technologies

Space Optimisation

  • The VDL Digital Canvas 120” display takes a tiny amount of floorspace

Streamlined & Lightweight Installation

  • VDL Digital Canvas is installed quickly and cheaply - even on non-structural walls
Superior performance, without compromise.

Visual Displays Digital Canvas is the latest and best large-screen display for Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR), including Front Row, and teaching spaces.

Designed to overcome the problems of using traditional flat panels and dvLEDs this game-changing display features:

  • Epson Super-UST pixel-shifted 4K UHD Projector: stunning visuals and maximum space efficiency.

  • VDL ALR Optical Screen. 120" in 16:9, 113" in 21:9, and 152" in 21:9:  ensures optimal image quality and clarity, even in brightly lit spaces.

  • Choice of Projector Mounting Options: Credenza, Floor Mount, Easy-Erect Wall Mount, or Ceiling Mount - tailor the setup to your specific requirements.

Tailored Solutions for Your Clients

Choose from the Visual Displays Digital Canvas product line:

Freestanding unit houses projector, VC camera and sound bar and cabling. Lockable rack mounting for secure storage, screen is wall-mounted
Frame Only:
Frame-only version of Credenza which can be customised to match existing furniture, screen is wall mounted
Easy-Erect Wall Mount:
All-in-one wall mount for screen and projector - quick and simple installation
Floor Mount:
A traditional, sturdy mounting option for the projector, screen is wall-mounted
Ceiling Mount:
Projector is mounted on the ceiling, screen is wall-mounted

Visual Displays
Digital Canvas

120" - 16:9 display S-UST
(also displays 21:9 Front Row at 113”)

113" - 21:9 display S-UST

152" - 21:9 display UST

Credenza Y Y N

Frame Only 




Easy-Erect Wall Mount




Floor Mount




Ceiling Mount




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Unlock the full potential of meeting, MTR and teaching spaces with the Visual Displays Digital Canvas.