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Home Cinema Screens | Large Format Home Cinema Displays at 16K Resolution | UK

Home Cinema Screens & Solutions

For those who demand the very best home cinema screen performance, then look no further. Our projection screens are top quality, offer a high resolution and great colours.

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For an immersive home cinema experience beyond the possibilities of large flat screen TV, a projection system offers true big-screen experience.

Whether it’s for movie nights, sporting events – or even incredible gaming scenarios – projection is the way to deliver the ultimate movie and video experience.

To create a truly immersive cinema room for discerning clients who require nothing but the best, choosing the right projection screen is absolutely essential. Any system is only as good as its weakest link.  Viewers look at the screen, not the projector and it is vital to help your clients avoid the layman’s error of focussing on the projector alone whilst settling for a sub-standard projection screen. Clients will love it that you’ve guided them to achieving ultimate video performance and maximised the value and viewing pleasure from their projector investment.

Our dnp Supernova optical screen materials are very simply guaranteed to be the best material in the world – backed by full ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) certification. They handle resolutions up to 16K so are completely futureproof.

Unlike projecting onto a wall or an off-the-shelf basic consumer screen, a dnp Supernova projection screen delivers high-contrast, detailed images with perfect colour rendition, thanks to state-of-the-art optical technology that reflects light evenly and without distortion.  

Not only does the dnp Supernova guarantee you ultimate image quality, they also resist ambient light. So for clients who don’t want to dim the lights or use blackout blinds all the time - or want natural light in viewing areas - they get the best of all worlds. This is perfect for gaming and sporting events so everyone can see each other and creates a real ringside atmosphere.

The dnp Supernova range includes motorised / electric drop-down screens, fixed screens, screens with wide viewing angles and seamless modular screens of up to any size. They can be installed in multiple locations, including living rooms as part of a fully automated cinema room experience.

Pair a dnp Supernova screen with a projector of  your choice, or take advantage of our Complete Laser Display packages - bundled solutions combining an Epson projector and dnp denmark Supernova projection screen for a cost-effective, high-performance all-in-one solution.


We are here to support you every step of the way. Our advanced parametric 3D CAD design team can supply detailed designs that impress your clients and ensure they get a millimetre-perfect installation. We are at the forefront of global quality standards, using these and powerful modelling tools so you can demonstrate the technical superiority of your proposals. Our installation engineers are available to support every aspect of your display installation. 

We help you make the right choice of projection screen for your clients’ requirements.


With dnp Supernova screen material, seeing really is believing, and once you have seen the difference between a standard screen and dnp Supernova, nothing else will do. We will happily support client demonstrations and supply screen samples.

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