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VDL Digital Canvas Curved Displays

VDL Digital Canvas Curved Displays

Discover VDL Digital Canvas displays for optimal in-person & remote interaction in Microsoft Teams Rooms. Custom sizes & ratios for immersive viewing available.

VDL Digital Canvas Curved Displays

Take the user experience to even greater heights with our VDL Digital Canvas Curved Displays. The curved format creates an intimate and impactful user experience, enhancing the feeling of closeness and spontaneity between in-person and remote participants.

The demand for hybrid meeting and blended teaching spaces shows no sign of slowing down. The latest developments in Microsoft Teams Front Row highlight the importance of using the right size and type of display to facilitate a seamless and inclusive experience for remote and in-person participants.

Find out how Microsoft Teams Rooms represent the future of meeting spaces

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Bringing Microsoft Teams to your meeting rooms

Most exciting is the immediate addition of the new 21:9 widescreen format, and this is just for starters. Microsoft is already showing super-wide 32:9 display examples, creating excitement and demand.

We have turned these ‘displays of the future’ into the ‘displays of today’. With our unique design and engineering heritage in displays and advanced immersive and simulation displays, we’ve created the VDL Digital Canvas Curved Displays for clients looking to add another dimension to their Teams Room experience.

Microsoft’s vision for the future of meeting rooms

Designed specifically to provide enhanced Front Row experiences, the VDL Digital Canvas Curved Display is available in any size and any aspect ratio and offers consultants, specifiers and integrators the chance to offer the most advanced options possible. This unique display features the same technology and specification options as the VDL Digital Canvas - but with a curved screen for a more immersive experience.

Available in several sizes

  • Curved screen 120” image size in 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Curved screen 140” image size in 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Curved screen 110” image size 21:9 aspect ratio
  • Bespoke sizes available

What’s included?

  • Site survey and consultation meeting
  • Full 3D CAD
  • Full documentation for installation, liaising with trades and after-sales
  • dnp ALR optical curved screen
  • Epson HD and 4K UHD laser projector with comprehensive projector management software with standard or UST lens
  • Freestanding credenza unit (standard finish white, other finishes available to order)
  • Installation optional

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Why choose VDL Digital Canvas systems?

TICK ICON-01.png HIgh resolution 4K UHD resolution (pixel shifted)
Futureproofed for increases in VC resolution and quality

TICK ICON-01.png 120" and 140" standard sizes
Viewable from everywhere in the room. Important content in Teams/Zoom windows can be read at the back. Remote participants can be lifesize

TICK ICON-01.png Bespoke sizes up to any size and aspect ratio
Perfect display sizes for any size or shape room

TICK ICON-01.png Complies with AVIXA standards
Eliminate guesswork when choosing your displays

TICK ICON-01.png Completely matt screen surface
Perfect for all-day viewing without creating asthenopia (eye strain)

TICK ICON-01.png 180-degree viewing angles
Viewers can see perfectly, even in wide room configurations

TICK ICON-01.png Standard and bespoke offerings for image luminance ('brightness') and contrast
Ensure each display exactly matches individual room lighting condition

TICK ICON-01.png Standard, bespoke finishes available -
plus structure only for finish by interior designer/ architect/ contractor

Displays match room design perfectly

TICK ICON-01.png Self-contained freestanding units
Zero impact on room structure or finish. Installs (and de-rigs) quickly with zero mess. All equipment contained within unit

TICK ICON-01.png Comprehensive projector management software
Perfect for enterprise-level deployment and multi-campus locations

TICK ICON-01.png Runs off 13A plug (240V)
Use standard power socket. No special power supply needed

TICK ICON-01.png Low cost of ownership
Ultra-low running costs. Zero maintenance laser projector

TICK ICON-01.png Most environmental option
All parts can be repurposed/recycled. Epson has TCO standard.

View the full range of VDL Digital Canvas displays.

The all in one large screen optical projection system includes wall-mounted and standalone unit options in a full range of sizes.


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