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Greg Jeffreys

Director and Consultant at Visual Displays

I lead a fantastic team on a mission to empower our reseller and integrator clients in delivering perfect images tailored to each unique user's needs. I design and consult within my specialist subjects, such as projection, displays, lighting for AV-enabled spaces (including VC lighting), Microsoft Teams Rooms and other hybrid meeting/teaching room design, and AV standards.

My long-held passion for projection is stronger than ever with the endless possibilities offered by the latest ambient light-rejecting (TrueALR) and laser technologies to create outstanding, maintenance-free solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms and in Higher Education. Plus, our Immersive Displays division continues to go from strength to strength. We're genuinely excited about the future.

I am equally passionate about standards, having dedicated almost two decades to researching, writing, volunteering, and teaching in this field, and it is very much at the heart of what I do.

I’m proud of my long association with InfoComm/AVIXA, from being a standards task group volunteer to becoming the first non-US President of the Association. Currently serving on two task groups.

My specialist consulting practice, Greg Jeffreys Consulting Ltd, focuses on the design and configuration of  hybrid meeting and teaching spaces - and all technology-enabled workspaces, to avoid the negative impact of poor room design and help clients achieve optimal user satisfaction from their AV solutions.


My interests include literature, walking, running, photography, white Burgundy, early mornings and music (being a failed musician in true AV industry tradition); I’m slave to random musical obsessions from Benjamin Britten to Jeffrey Foucault. 

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