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Immersive displays

We make all kinds of immersive displays, from giant rear projection caves to curved screens to ‘power walls’ to domes.

  • Immersive displays
  • Immersive - ship1
  • Immersive - Simulation_Tussauds - 5 channel Cave simulator -3D iso CAD
  • Immersive - ID&S_Dome2
  • Immersive - Bienetec
  • Immersive - Nurbus - four screen large Cave simulator screens
  • Immersive - ID&S_Dome4
  • Immersive - ID&S - Titanic -TB-Galleries_031
  • Immersive - Cyprus Cave showcase
  • Immersive - ID&S_dome
  • Immersive - Cyprus Cave showcase 2
  • Immersive - Bienetec3
  • Immersive - cave2

Past projects include the BAE Eurofighter (now BAE Eurofighter Typhoon), universities and research centres.

All our immersive displays can be in 2D or 3D. 3D options use active glasses. Multi-user options are available using ultra-high frame rate projection so that users have unique viewing experiences and individually tracked locations.

Display types include caves, curved screens, domes, part domes, toroidal and oblate spheroids. Front and rear projection options. Our curved screens are very similar to our video walls as we use multiple screens to create one immersive experience. 

This is backed up by substantial and unique IP, addressing optical and mechanical modelling, design, manufacture and certification. Practical and on-site tools include laser measurement software tools to capture precise site and as-built detail so that CAD and system programming can be updated so you arrive on site fully prepared for trouble-free installation and sign-off.

Our comprehensive consultancy services support scenario modelling, system design, troubleshooting and system upgrades.

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