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Projection vs LCD Video Wall

Projection vs LCD Video Wall

Why settle for an image that is broken up by bezel lines when specialist projection offers bright, sharp and seamless with significant cost savings?

Projection vs LCD Video Wall

There was a time when video walls – the combination of many individual screens into one display – was the only way to produce a large image in a bright environment. With the new generation of powerful projection displays this is no longer the case.

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Goodbye bezels

Today, optical projection screens have become so advanced that they can resist high volumes of ambient light. Combined with modern high-lumen projectors they can display bright and sharp images – with no visible bezel lines – in shopping malls, sports venues and other high-light environments. And the list of advantages doesn’t end here. 


Better images for less

Projection displays are less expensive and more cost-effective to run as they use less power. They weigh less, and they are easier to install and adjust since the image is generated by one single projector versus multiple flat-panels. And with a single projection display there is no need to calibrate each and every screen in order to obtain the right brighness and colour uniformity when installing or replacing a LCD video wall. 

Think projection first

As things stand today, the only good business case for traditional video walls are environments with extreme amounts of ambient light (e.g. outdoor concerts and events) – or situations where the image source has to be an integral part of the display (no room for a projector).

In virtually every other situation, a projection display will deliver a better visual experience at a lower cost.

Screen options

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