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Wallmate Flat Panel Display Mounting Solution

Wallmate Flat Panel Display Mounting Solution

Install flat panel displays (FPDs) and large format displays (LFDs) quickly and accurately with Wallmate. Save time and money with this revolutionary in-wall mounting system.

Wallmate Flat Panel Display Mounting Solution

Wallmate - the problem-solving in-wall mounting solution

Created in the US by rp Visual Solutions, the AV design and engineering specialist, Wallmate was designed to eliminate the costly and time-consuming issues that are often associated with mounting FPDs and LFDs. This fully integrated flat panel mounting system is quick and easy to install into the wall between standard studs. No fuss, and no building extra studs. 

Eliminate installation and on-site team cooperation issues

The top and bottom of the box is where all the data, electrical, and AV lands. Each box has multiple single gang box and conduit landing locations; up to 12 conduit and 8 single gangs.

Display size changes? No problem! 

The size of the back box stays the same, simply put the new size display on the Wallmate system and you’re done.

Save time at every stage of the construction process

Display installation is faster because the universal adapter means AV techs will no longer have to carry multiple adaptors or cut parts to accommodate different displays.  

Minimise room down time

Quick-remove device peripheral plates allows AV and IT teams to create spare parts packages that enable very quick, ultra-short room exchanges.

Super stable, super strong

Wallmate can mount displays from 55” to 98”, holding up to 160kg.

  • Displays push back flush to the wall

  • Backbox is pre-installed by the main contractor - no structural fix needed from AV crew

  • All equipment and ancillaries are installed in a solid backbox, mounted in the wall

  • Equipment is pre-populated and tested offsite on a demountable backplate

  • AV crew fits and connects pre-tested backplate with all media players, controllers, signal management (everything!)

  • The display is fitted with Wallmate mounting plate

  • AV crew hangs the panel on Wallmate fold-out arms in seconds, connects the panel, and pushes it back in place. Finished in minutes, move onto the next one!

A crew of two can install dozens
of systems in a single day.

Find out more

For more information or to purchase a Wallmate product, please contact our expert team.

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Wallmate range specifications

  Wallmate 16 Wallmate 32 Wallmate 32Max
Capacity 57kg 135kg 160kg
Back box Dimensions HxWxD 589 x 365 x 100mm 589 x 775 x 100mm 787 x 775 x 100mm
Product Weight Approx  20kg 34kg 45kg
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year
Minimum Display Size 50” and above 70” and above 70” and above
Knock outs 4 single gang 8 single gang 8 single gang
Conduit Points 3 top /
3 bottom
6 top /
6 bottom
6 top /
6 bottom
Internal Box Space 213 x 264 x 100mm 508 x 264 x 100mm 607 x 483 x 97mm
Wallmate is the only mounting system
in the world certified by Crestron.

Exclusive distributors in UK and Ireland

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