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Display types

Including Curved Screens, Caves, Domes, Toroidal and Powerwalls. Front and rear projection. 2D and 3D.

Display types

Supported by our parametric 3D CAD design facilities, we produce displays that are guaranteed to fulfil your and your clients’ user needs completely.

Curved or cylindrical screens

Whether it’s a single projector or a full multi-projector wrap-around display, curved screens are probably the most cost-effective way to deliver powerful immersive experiences. We have offerings from low cost to full specification systems.

Curved screen displays work using projectors fitted with wide-angle lenses. Each projector image is set up to have an overlap of approx 15% of each image width. Software is then used to ‘blend’ them into a seamless whole. See Projector warping and blending for more details.

Our best-selling systems are the VDL Modular Curved Displays which combine image perfection created by their vertical flatness together with easy-installation modular construction. Standard systems offer image areas up to 6m wide x 2m high.


Other displays are made using proven artisan construction in wood or GRP with virtually no size or specification limits.

Most popular displays include 180-degree displays using three projectors or 120-degree systems using two projectors. A full 360-degree system typically uses six projectors. 



Caves provide a great range of options to provide exceptional immersive experiences. 

From two front-projected walls in a room corner to a fully immersive six-sided cave (projected floor, ceiling, and all four walls), the options are limitless. The lower cost of entry, partly due to our R&D in value engineering, makes these displays a current customer choice.

We have long-held IP in making caves of all sizes and currently developing lower-cost versions for realistic multiple location budgetary needs.


Domes, part domes, toroidal, oblate spheres/spheroids

Domes provide the most powerful immersive and simulated experiences. They can range from our single-person Cobra domes to systems with whole aircraft or vehicle cockpits. 

Our domes are fabricated by specialist GRP partner organisations. The design, laser-guided installation, and system integration are provided by our teams.


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Power walls

This is the industry buzzword for a large screen, usually rear-projected 3D. They allow you to simulate, view, and work at real size on larger objects such as cars and retail locations. We make these in any size.

The above CAD image demonstrates a Visual Displays bespoke Power Wall rear projection VR display. Available in many configurations, the illustrated system shows a screen capable of displaying a car at full size. Here, driven by Digital Projection’s technology breakthrough – the Satellite MLS – where a remote single RGB light source (mounted in the adjacent mini rack) drives three remote projector ‘heads’. Combined with the Visual Displays rear projection mirror systems these displays take up minimal room depth. Digital Projection’s technological breakthroughs extend even further: the INSIGHT 4K HFR 360 Multi-View 3D projector offers 360 frames per second refresh rate, meaning multiple users can each have unique 3D experiences, offering previously impossible levels of collaboration.


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