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New 4K MTR 21:9 Front Row Display

New 4K MTR 21:9 Front Row Display

Introducing our brand-new MTR Front Row (21:9) Display for Microsoft Signature Teams Rooms - launched at ISE 2023!

New 4K MTR 21:9 Front Row Display

Driven by Epson’s EB-PU2010B new 10,000 lumen full 4K projector - getting its first public showing at ISE - our Front Row Display features a 21:9 aspect ratio widescreen layout, allowing for simultaneous display of multiple essential content, video, and dialogue windows on the same screen.

See how this new display has been utilised with ProjecTABLE - The Ultimate Microsoft Teams Signature Meeting Room Solution

Front Row key features include a centralised main content window, a row of individual remote participants displayed as close to life-size as possible, and side windows for chat. Elevate your collaboration and meeting experience with our Front Row Display.

Our MTR Display bundles are designed to make specifying, ordering, and installing the latest Microsoft recommended display configurations easy, hassle-free and futureproof.

Our MTR Displays, including our new 21:9 Front Row Display, feature dnp Supernova ambient light-rejecting optical projection screens, Epson laser projectors, and a choice of projector mounting systems including all-in-one credenza units, floor mounts, and ceiling mounts. Our displays are MS specification compliant, AV standards compliant, and suitable for brightly lit environments.

We offer expertise in consultation, design, and technology to provide customized solutions for meeting rooms, teaching and learning spaces, conference rooms, auditoriums, training and control rooms, and more.

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Contact us today to learn more about our MTR Front Row Display and how we can help you meet the needs of your clients.

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