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Meeting & teaching room design

Meeting & teaching room design

Achieve better results and significant savings, using our tools and expertise to deliver outstanding technology-enabled spaces for years of productive use.

Meeting & teaching room design

These are key examples of AV enabled spaces. But too often the AV team is brought onboard too late.

The lighting can fight against the displays. Shiny surfaces can create specular veiling and disability glare. The wrong infrastructure can be in place. The list is endless.

How many times have you seen budget wasted on spending more than was ever needed - and with the result of achieving less than the client actually required? We can help you help clients achieve better results, and often with significant savings.

Apart from being brought in to the project too late, very often the various stakeholders and trades do not have sufficient tools with which to understand the complex technology and UX (user experience) requirements in order to deliver great technology-enabled spaces for years of productive use.

We help AV resellers help their clients help themselves. Using a combination of relevant standards, best practices and a structured, practical approach, we can help you add real value to client projects.

We provide full training, lunch and learn sessions, plus full support.

Please call or email Greg Jeffreys for further information.

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