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Complete Laser Display bundles - 100"-120"

All-in-one large-screen laser projection displays, for full viewer engagement from everywhere in the room.

Complete Laser Display bundles - 100

Our Complete Laser Display bundles combine the market-leading Epson laser projectors and dnp Supernova ambient light-rejecting (ALR) screen technology. They make it easy to choose a single SKU, large-format, high-performance displays that offer unbeatable value for money.

With social distancing here to stay, screen size is more important than ever so all viewers can see the screen content easily, even from the back of the room. Our Complete Laser Displays are available from 100”, which means you can specify the right image size for each space, optimising the image quality and viewing experience so that all viewers spread throughout a room can see and fully engage with content, even in brightly lit environments.

  • Reception - Corporate_dnp_supernova_infinity_stryker_1
  • VDL Bundle image
  • Home Cinema
  • Home Cinema - VDL-Visual_Displays_Home_image
  • Education_dnp_supernova_core_Bournemouth
  • Education_dnp_sn_core_London_Schools_georgecarey79221

What size should my screen be?

For a quick and easy way to choose the right display with confidence, we have created this simple 3-Step Guide to Display Success.

Complete Laser Displays offer one-stop, large-screen, unbeatable performance and value display solutions that are ideal for a wide range of applications, including teaching and learning spaces, meeting rooms and digital signage.

What’s included?

  • Epson high-brightness 3LCD laser projector
  • dnp Supernova ALR screen
  • Epson projector mount
  • Extended Epson 5 year warranty
  • Optional free installation CAD drawings

Plus optional site survey and optional installation

Available in any number of screen / projector combinations including standard and ultra-short throw, low gain / high gain, bezeless or with a range of frame options, we will help you find the right Complete Laser Display for your requirements, whether you need a single display or a suite of multiple units across an estate (which can be connected and remotely managed).

Get expert advice

We create large displays of exceptional quality and value. Book a call with one of our expert team and see how we can transform your next AV project.


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Why compromise?

Complete Laser Displays feature market-leading Epson laser projectors and dnp denmark’s unique ambient light-rejecting Supernova screens to give you the ultimate viewing experience for an unbeatable price.

  • Large custom-size displays for optimised viewing from everywhere in the room

  • Laser projection and ALR screen technology for flawless image quality

  • Seamless single images

  • Completely non-reflective screen - so no ‘cheap seats’ created by reflections from lighting and daylight

  • High resolution HD video and graphics for detailed content viewing – exceeds AVIXA DISCAS resolution requirement

  • Conforms to to AVIXA DISCAS image size standard for all room sizes

  • Exceeds AVIXA ISCR image contrast requirement – for all viewers

  • Optimised image brightness, designed for all-day viewing without eye strain (in conformance with the new WELL Building Standard V2

  • Lightweight – can mount on any wall, even the largest sizes

  • Reliable & easy to use

  • Maintenance free

  • Unbeatable value for money

Cost, quality, sustainability

At a fraction of the cost per square metre and significantly lighter in weight than the alternative displays which, at over 100”, are videowalls and direct view LED displays, our Complete Laser Display packages represent unbeatable value and optimal use of your client’s budget.

Epson’s global dominance speaks to its trusted brand quality. With Epson projector management software, you can remotely monitor and maintain the largest display estates, including receiving automatic email alerts. With their iProjection software you can add interactivity and collaboration - for free! Plus, 5 year warranties give complete peace of mind.

dnp Supernova true ALR optical screens provide up to 7 x the image contrast of conventional projection screens, offering outstanding image quality - meaning better images using lower power (and cost) projectors.

7x layers dnp screen - dnp Supernova screen - 7 layers for 7 x more contrast.jpg

dnp Supernova screen - 7 layers for 7 x more contrast

From pre-sales to eventual end of life recycling, we support you every step of the way - and guarantee the results.

Applications include:

  • Meeting rooms
    (from a single room to a networked estate)
  • Training rooms
  • Auditoria
  • Lecture theatres and teaching spaces
  • Public spaces
  • Signage
Seeing is believing. Book a demonstration for you or your client.

For screen sizes 130" and above, see our CLD XL range…

Use our 3-step Guide to Display Success for a quick and easy way to choose the right display.