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Wallmate Display Mounting Solution

Wallmate Display Mounting Solution

Wallmate Universal integration system provides support for a flat panel display by integrating the back box, display mount, and AV device mounting into a complete system, all while keeping the display within ADA compliance.

Wallmate Display Mounting Solution

A new universal mounting adapter, that solves for non-compliant VESA displays, is standard with every Wallmate model. Now universally compatible, rp Visual Solutions’ Wallmate is sure to be the standard for flat panel mounting!

Key Benefit to Wallmate - SAVE TIME

The Wallmate system was designed to save time at every stage of the construction process from front start to finish: Design, Rough In, Off Site Prep, and On Site Installation. Display installation is faster because the universal adapter means integrators will no longer have to carry multiple adaptors or cut parts to accommodate different displays.

Additional Wallmate Universal Benefits

  • Mounts direct to studs = no blocking
  • Removable device mount plates = Allows off site assembly line assembly
  • Can mount displays from 55” to 98”, holding up to 160kg.
  • Just 38mm thin, back of display to wall, on the moving X-Arm. Assists with ADA Compliance
  • Huge amounts of horizontal and vertical offset
  • Built to the strength and rigidity that RPV is known for
  • Knock outs for electrical boxes and conduits
  • Lots of equipment storage space
  • Universal adapter plate is available separately for any previously integrated Wallmate mounts. Part #RPWM-UNV64

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Wallmate range specifications

  Wallmate 16 Wallmate 32 Wallmate 32Max
Capacity 57kg 135kg 160kg
Back box Dimensions HxWxD 589 x 365 x 100mm 589 x 775 x 100mm 787 x 775 x 100mm
Product Weight Approx  20kg 34kg 45kg
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year
Minimum Display Size 50” and above 70” and above 70” and above
Knock outs 4 single gang 8 single gang 8 single gang
Conduit Points 3 top /
3 bottom
6 top /
6 bottom
6 top /
6 bottom
Internal Box Space 213 x 264 x 100mm 508 x 264 x 100mm 607 x 483 x 97mm

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