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Video Wall Displays

In need of a video wall display for your business or production? We can design, mount and install your bespoke video wall solution, even in challenging locations.

  • Control room 2
  • Broadcasting_VDL-Visual_Displays_dnp_Giant_Wide_Angle_TV
  • Broadcasting_ITV news studio
  • Broadcasting_ITN news studio - curved screen
  • Broadcasting_dnp-cross-prism-tv
  • Broadcasting Image000
  • Broadcasting_VTM
  • Control Room-dnp_Black_Bead3
  • Auditoria + Education_dnp_SN_Infinity
  • Video wall - dnp+Infinity+Robinson
  • Control room 1
  • Control Room-dnp_Black_Bead2
  • Control Room-dnp_Black_Bead
  • Control Room_dnp_Black_Bead_CCRoom3
  • Video wall - dnp+Supernova+Infinity+Japan
  • Auditoria +Education_dnp_supernova_infinity_IET_snellings_iet_8-4-16_144
  • Auditoria + Education_dnp_supernova_infinity_UEA_snellingsnorwich_9-1-14_132
  • Auditoria + Education dnp_SN_STE+Auditorium_3_config
  • Reception - Corporate_dnp_supernova_infinity_stryker_2
  • Reception - Corporate_dnp_supernova_infinity_stryker_1
  • Video wall_dnp_SN_Infinity_CC_IOTM2

However, it has come to be a generic term for larger display solutions, which can cause confusion and, more importantly, this lack of precision means clients often get what they think they want, even if it’s not really what they actually need.

By using our Visual Displays 8 Essentials in Specifying Screens and Displays Guide you can home in on the exact display type, technology and size that meets your clients’ unique needs. Sometimes video walls will be just the right thing and we have vast experience here, particularly in making video walls fit for purpose. You can create an immersive display using a combination of video walls and projections.

Video Wall Installations

We can design, mount and install your bespoke video wall solution, even in challenging locations. We can fit glass over the entire display to protect and also to provide a smooth touch and feel when they need to be used interactively. We can add multi-point and gesture-based interactivity to displays of all sizes.

When video wall display solutions are not the right solution, our large ultra narrow format laser displays are typically the optimum choice as they are seamless, offer unbeatable image quality and can be of limitless size in any dimension and format.

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