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Immersive Display Simulations | Immersive Display Systems | UK

Immersive displays and simulation

Immersive displays transform the user experience, providing a user engagement that a standard video wall may not be able to provide. 

  • Immersive displays
  • Immersive - ship1
  • Immersive - Simulation_Tussauds - 5 channel Cave simulator -3D iso CAD
  • Immersive - ID&S_Dome2
  • Immersive - Bienetec
  • Immersive - Nurbus - four screen large Cave simulator screens
  • Immersive - ID&S_Dome4
  • Immersive - ID&S - Titanic -TB-Galleries_031
  • Immersive - Cyprus Cave showcase
  • Immersive - ID&S_dome
  • Immersive - Cyprus Cave showcase 2
  • Immersive - Bienetec3
  • Immersive - cave2

The wrap-around quality of these displays, from simple ‘power walls’ through curved screens, rear projection caves, front-projected rooms - to full feature domes - creates user engagement like no other display type.

Immersive experiences have long been used in simulation and some leisure applications, but advances in lower cost display systems, content creation and applications mean that immersive displays are now usable in virtually any application.

We have decades of experience and expertise in this specific space, supporting clients to create exceptional experiences worldwide.