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White Papers, best practice and articles

Want to understand more detailed background and research about the principles and practices that inform our work?

White Papers, best practice and articles

Microsoft Teams Rooms – Displays, Projection and the bigger picture

A White Paper by Greg Jeffreys of Visual Displays, concerned at high level with the design and deployment of Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTRs) into physical three-dimensional workspaces.

View and download the paper here.

What the AV industry gets wrong about Teams Rooms

Too many basic mistakes are made, without a full understanding of workflows and user needs. Greg Jeffreys explains why and what can be done about it.

Read the article here.

Specifying and Assessing Projected Image Quality

This is the original best practice paper, arising from task group sessions comprising international group of consultants and engineers working mostly at the dnp denmark A/S factory near Copenhagen.

View and download this paper.

Epson - Projection vs Panels Guide

This guide will explore the importance of screen size, cost-effectiveness and image quality, helping you find the optimum display for your meeting room.

View and download this document.

16:9 or 16:10 - aspect ratio made easy

We are frequently asked about screen aspect ratio and which one to use. Why is this - and what’s the answer?

View and download this document.

Epson - Image size and the impact on productivity

How does the size of your image impact on the viewers in your presentation space?

View and download this paper.

It’s all about the experience

Greg Jeffreys, chair of AVIXA’s Standards Steering Committee and Visual Displays founder, explores UX and its future relevance to the AV world.

Read the article here.

Do the maths!

Calculating and demonstrating the superiority of ALR screens.

We demonstrate using real data why using the right screen is both better and will save you money.

Read the article here