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Greyscale Test | Inspect Contrast & Quality | UK

Sign off

Inspect what you expect.

Sign off

The major end user clients take this increasingly seriously and it represents a major opportunity to ProAV resellers and integrators. But, keeping our focus on displays, what is the essential knowledge?

It’s not exactly sexy, but it’s about test patterns. We use so-called ‘grey scales’ and PLUGE patterns to verify contrast.

Test pattern 1.jpg

The more grey ‘chips’ you can render and see, the bigger the contrast, the better the image quality. It’s that simple.

Test pattern 2.jpg

You don’t need expensive test pattern generators as you can use free or inexpensive patterns on your laptop.

Having installed an expensive display for a client, make sure it’s looking its best by this quick and simple method. Demonstrate the difference between you and your competitors by offering the client a formal sign-off process. Not only does this enhance your professional reputation, it also takes out the subjectivity from the process too. We give free training to our resellers, naturally.

Speak to our expert team to find our how we can help you and your clients.