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Is it big enough?


For most installed screens, when asked if the size is big enough, the brutal answer is usually: NO!

Avoid this most basic mistake when specifying your displays.

Use the DISCAS standard to calculate correct image size. DISCAS is driven by user needs, recognising that each application varies. Image size must be optimised relative to displayed content on a case-by-case basis. Although DISCAS uses relatively complex math, let the Visual Displays or AVIXA calculators do all the brain work (or just ask us to work it all out for you!).

But if you want a quick answer, then for most meeting, teaching and presentation spaces, start with the assumption that the farthest viewing distance should be no greater than six (6) times the image height.

The creation of the DISCAS standard was chaired by Visual Displays’ Director and founder Greg Jeffreys who led an international team of expert volunteers over four years to come up with this definitive ANSI/AVIXA standard.

For more about the DISCAS standard, please see the Standards page in our Tools & Resources section or ask us for further details. We run lunch and learn sessions which earn one AVIXA CTS renewal point. We also have parametric 3D CAD models so we can not only do the work for you, we can also give you powerful visual and technical collateral to support your proposals.

Screen size

For sizes up to 90” flat panel displays are mostly used. But in the 90” to 100” size band the value proposition shifts dramatically and 100” and above are either projection or - vastly more expensive - direct view LED.

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