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June 2022

Latest News for June 2022

30 Jun 2022, 08:00
What can we learn today?
20 Jun 2022, 08:32
Look no further than their new video of The Hive at Redmond campus!
17 Jun 2022, 08:53
What display performance metrics are needed?
15 Jun 2022, 08:48
If Microsoft Teams Rooms, hybrid meeting, hybrid/blended teaching spaces are so mission-critical, why do so few organisations have test spaces?
13 Jun 2022, 09:41
So is it time to bust the myth of dogfooding? (And why do definitions of UX vary so wildly?)
7 Jun 2022, 08:58
What makes for a successful Microsoft Teams Rooms project? Find out in this panel discussion with five experts filmed at ISE 2022.