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February 2021

Latest News for February 2021

26 Feb 2021, 09:54
A picture tells a thousand words and these photos show exceptional learning resources provided at the University of Southampton.
25 Feb 2021, 09:00
The Kuala Lumpur Pavilion has been keeping up the fight against Covid-19 with LED screens, displaying a giant golden fighting bull ‘smashing’ through a depiction of the virus and the screen to commemorate Lunar New Year and to encourage awareness against the virus.
24 Feb 2021, 11:32
Calculating and demonstrating the superiority of ALR screens.
23 Feb 2021, 09:45
A 600-drone show lasting 26 minutes and 19 seconds depicting the life of the artist has achieved a Guinness World Record for the longest animation performed by UAVs.
19 Feb 2021, 09:31
Thirty Panasonic laser projectors, many of them in portrait mode, ran for 12 days in one of the largest video mapping projects ever seen in Stockholm, Sweden.
17 Feb 2021, 09:25
AVIXA has announced that InfoComm will move from June to 22-29 October, with the exhibit floor open from 27-29 October.
11 Feb 2021, 09:21
TfL’s Art on the Underground delivered their movie commission on a giant HD video screen to thousands of London travellers every hour. Better quality than LED screens at a fraction of the cost.
9 Feb 2021, 09:28
RGB Spectrum’s QuadView UHDx multiviewer has helped in-classroom and remote students benefit alike from the school’s case study method of teaching.
5 Feb 2021, 09:23
Samsung’s global digital content partner d’strct has launched a new creative showing soft bodies falling and colliding at a landmark 1,620 sqm display in Seoul.
3 Feb 2021, 09:52
UC Hastings School of Law in San Francisco, California needed large format, front projection displays in several lecture halls used for presentations, meetings, and classes.