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Latest news for 2019

21 Dec 2019, 15:04
dnp Supernova projection screens with ambient light rejecting technology
5 Dec 2019, 12:00
The world’s largest optical single element screen is now available in a lighter and more elegant version.
28 Nov 2019, 17:22
Pure AV hosted its second showcase, CommUniCate 19, at its office in Preston, UK, attracting over fifty delegates from business, higher education and healthcare.
22 Nov 2019, 12:22
Visual Displays' founder and Director, Greg Jeffreys spoke to AV magazine recently about AV, 'good' standards and UX.
19 Nov 2019, 11:43
The past few years have seen the rise of the so-called ‘experience economy’, in which increasing numbers of people choose to spend their money on doing things rather than buying things.
15 Nov 2019, 11:31
From biophilia to acoustics and clever colour choices, Interior Designer Ruth Evans explains how responsible design can reduce stress levels.
7 Nov 2019, 12:02
More than 100 projectors were used to cover the entire running track of the IAAF World Athletics Championship in Qatar.
18 Oct 2019, 10:59
At what stage should AV consultants be brought into a construction project?
24 Jun 2019, 11:26
AV is creative engineering, telling stories and creating experiences with technology as a tool, say panellists in this extended online report on the AV Attractions and Entertainment Roundtable.