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February 2023

Latest News for February 2023

20 Feb 2023, 07:55
No, not really, although this assumption is natural enough. So why do we use meeting rooms?
17 Feb 2023, 07:48
…even when the room works well and its users are happy?
16 Feb 2023, 07:41
How do cameras relate to display size and position in Microsoft Teams Rooms? What does this mean for camera specifications? Quite a lot, actually!
3 Feb 2023, 07:52
Images of Microsoft Teams Rooms show views of the room, featuring engaged participants. But not seeing the remote participants’ view of the room means half the bigger picture is missing.
2 Feb 2023, 09:48
This week saw the launch of our latest Microsoft Teams Room Front Row 21:9 display on the Epson booth - a 3.5m x 1.5m 4K UHD display. Signature Meeting Rooms’ display issues addressed in a single solution.
2 Feb 2023, 09:42
Some ISE conversations arising from the launch of VDL’s Microsoft Teams Room 150” Front Row display centre on the future of projection - why is it so bright now?