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Latest news for 2023

20 Dec 2023, 08:39
The dnp Supernova range of ALR (ambient light rejecting) screens will now transition to Visual Displays Ltd (VDL), ensuring the brand continues its legacy as VDL Supernova ALR.
2 Nov 2023, 06:09
Some people design neck strain into Microsoft Teams Rooms. This can be extreme, especially in education. Why? And how to avoid it?
1 Nov 2023, 10:05
Can Circadian Rhythms be used positively in hybrid meeting and teaching spaces?
31 Oct 2023, 07:45
What image size? These two decisions are closely connected. Why?
7 Sep 2023, 07:39
It’s much larger than you think!
7 Sep 2023, 07:34
This one is curved in both planes - and onto the floor. This is how we did it.
6 Sep 2023, 07:30
Yesterday I finally got to visit the Microsoft Technical Centre in Amsterdam - the nerve centre of Microsoft’s EMEA operations. I was actually quite shocked with what I saw.
4 Sep 2023, 07:43
The Teams Rooms for Windows v4.18 release features exciting developments for Front Row? How to unlock this potential? How about curved displays?
10 Aug 2023, 09:19
How can you create great user experiences in meeting & teaching spaces and Microsoft Teams Rooms when users' needs vary so widely?
9 Aug 2023, 13:14
Why did Microsoft choose 21:9 aspect ratio for Front Row displays in Signature Meeting Room MTRs? And why projection?