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Latest news for 2023

5 Jun 2023, 06:50
Some interesting possibilities opening up for VC camera placement in Microsoft Teams Rooms and hybrid meeting spaces. In the screen itself?
2 Jun 2023, 07:47
Actual or virtual eye to eye AV camera positioning?
1 Jun 2023, 07:44
Take this 30 second test…
31 May 2023, 09:28
Microsoft has selected Epson as their go to Teams Rooms large screen display partner. Recent developments here have taken me by surprise.
26 May 2023, 15:06
Detailed design and consultancy pays off providing a magnificent showcase for student artwork.
12 May 2023, 06:58
Streamline Your Education Space Management with TUDesc.
11 May 2023, 12:38
We were pleased to sponsor and attend LTSMG 2023 in Loughborough last week, and demonstrate how to do projection properly.
10 May 2023, 08:35
With 67.3 million people to entertain, educate and communicate with there are substantial opportunities for the UK’s AV companies, writes Adrian Pennington.
10 May 2023, 08:22
A halo screen that measured 300 sq metres and projection mapping of 4,000 sq metre imagery on to the East Wing of Windsor Castle were visual highlights of the show.
9 May 2023, 12:52
The new ProjecTABLE curved table for Microsoft Teams Rooms Signature rooms, for which patents have been applied, is based on AVIXA standards-based guidance by Greg Jeffreys Consulting.