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September 2022

Latest News for September 2022

21 Sep 2022, 07:33
But do you know how much they apply to hybrid workspaces, blended teaching and Microsoft Teams Rooms?
21 Sep 2022, 07:21
Aurora Multimedia worked with production designer Lucy Foster to create visuals with a fabric projection screen and ultra-short throw projector in a balcony at the Royal Albert Hall.
20 Sep 2022, 07:31
Do we mean a big TV?! Or do we mean IMMERSIVE?! And where do we put the VC camera?
19 Sep 2022, 07:27
With super-wide images in MTR Front Row 21:9 displays, the DISCAS standard applies more than ever to ensure all participants can fully see and engage with the entire image area.
16 Sep 2022, 07:22
Old 'white screen projection' is replaced by new 2022 ALR projection.
14 Sep 2022, 08:35
Do you design in or design out asthenopia (‘eye strain’) into your hybrid spaces when specifying displays - especially next-gen spaces like the MTR Enhanced Meeting Rooms (EMRs)?
12 Sep 2022, 08:23
Do you need to build one or two?
9 Sep 2022, 08:10
Microsoft’s Enhanced Meeting Room designs use projection for these large Front Row displays.
7 Sep 2022, 08:07
AVIXA's AV standards are essential in the creation of exceptional hybrid meeting and blended learning spaces.