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February 2022

Latest News for February 2022

28 Feb 2022, 09:36
Law firm Lee & Thompson uses Teams as standard but needs Zoom for creative industry clients. MVS AV has equipped its boardroom with a Teams Room at one end and Zoom Room at the other.
25 Feb 2022, 09:48
Little noticed layout settings in Front Row open up the screen options for Microsoft Teams Rooms far beyond the typical 16:9 LFD, writes consultant Harald Steindl.
25 Feb 2022, 09:24
What can recent developments in collaboration technology tell us about its future? Michael Vanderheeren and Lieven Bertier of Barco offer their predictions.
23 Feb 2022, 09:28
How to create these displays today? What can we apply from this to all Teams Rooms, hybrid meeting and teaching spaces?
22 Feb 2022, 09:58
A bespoke Peerless-AV Seamless mounting system makes a video wall comprised of 192 Absen dvLED panels appear to be ‘floating in the air’ at the First Americans Museum in Oklahoma.
21 Feb 2022, 09:06
What are the core elements to avoid room design disasters?
18 Feb 2022, 09:02
The classic mistake when specifying projectors for meeting, teaching, and hybrid spaces ('Teams Rooms') is to specify the projector first! Projector specification is the output of the process - not the driver of it.
16 Feb 2022, 09:56
What is possible now and what are the trends?
16 Feb 2022, 09:38
Front Row moves the gallery to the bottom of the screen, on a level with people in the room. Meanwhile, Microsoft has also launched a Teams device trade-in scheme.
14 Feb 2022, 09:53
What’s the impact on the VC camera? How should we handle natural light in hybrid spaces?