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October 2022

Latest News for October 2022

21 Oct 2022, 07:27
Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTRs) represent a once-in-a-generation business opportunity for the AV industry. Here, Greg Jeffreys explains how…
19 Oct 2022, 07:27
ALR (ambient light rejecting) projection screens are used in hybrid meeting spaces to avoid asthenopia (‘eye strain’) and create optimum user experiences. Why?
17 Oct 2022, 07:11
It’s the make or break link with remote participants. How does your estate shape up?
14 Oct 2022, 07:21
- or can it be used in more standard hybrid meeting room scenarios?
12 Oct 2022, 07:18
I don’t recommend it!
12 Oct 2022, 07:06
How do we adapt these for larger spaces, with more participants - all on the same table?
11 Oct 2022, 12:41
Thirteen Barco G60 laser projectors depict scenes from the 700-year-old battle on panels which slide over stained glass windows at a chapel in the manufacturer’s home city of Kortrijk, Belgium.
10 Oct 2022, 07:02
Do all meeting and teaching space users receive equal experiences at the other end of the VC connection?
7 Oct 2022, 07:50
AVIXA's new display image quality standard - ISCR - could have been designed specifically for Microsoft Teams rooms and hybrid workspaces.
5 Oct 2022, 07:46
There's confusion about display sizes In Microsoft Teams Rooms and aspect ratios - especially the new 21:9 Front Row display. So we've written an MTR Quick Guide to help you!