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June 2020

Latest News for June 2020

29 Jun 2020, 09:56
Utilising ROE Visual 1.5mm LED, interactive LED flooring and the disguise xR workflow, the stage in Northern California is attracting interest from corporate clients, VFX firms and film producers.
25 Jun 2020, 14:40
Greg Jeffreys, founder and director of Visual Displays Ltd and current chair of the AVIXA Standards Steering Committee, is being honoured by the 2020 AV Technology Awards with its Outstanding Contribution award.
25 Jun 2020, 09:26
With a 14,000 sqm projection surface including four ponds, the Bassins des Lumieres utilises 30 Modulo Pi media servers alongside 95 Barco video projectors and 80 Meyer Sound loudspeakers.
23 Jun 2020, 09:15
Projection mapping projects are revitalising revenue streams and drawing new visitors to businesses and landmarks in Old Montreal and Toronto, thanks to Panasonic technology.
19 Jun 2020, 08:59
For decades, film and TV productions have used green and blue screens to place actors into new environments.
17 Jun 2020, 13:07
Messages of thanks have been projected onto the Houses of Parliament to shine a light on the sterling work of NHS staff during the pandemic.
15 Jun 2020, 13:56
The Hastings Contemporary gallery in the UK has employed a robot that roams the halls of the gallery to provide virtual tours of art exhibitions to live streaming pundits, including pieces created by renowned UK artist Quentin Blake.
11 Jun 2020, 13:28
Social distancing is here to stay and at the Immersive van Gogh exhibition in Toronto, Canada, social distancing circles will be implemented for the experience’s opening to physical visitors in July.
9 Jun 2020, 10:20
Gesture-based control company UltraLeap surveyed more than 500 members of the public in the UK and US, finding high levels of concern about hygiene and a preference for touchless interfaces.
5 Jun 2020, 09:06
With space at a premium, large organizations like corporate campuses and institutions of higher learning are designing more and more flexible spaces that can be used for multiple purposes.